I didn't know that I was eligible for an upgrade to an ipad case suppliers until late September. I thought I had to wait a few more months, but somehow I got the dates wrong. 

The first thing I did, before I even ordered my phone, was pick out ipad case  manufacturer. I can%u2019t remember how, but I managed to come across Pencil Shavings Studios%u2019 shop. After I wiped the drool from my bottom lip, I set out on the journey of picking a case. I choose this one in the peacock color  the word %u201CHello!%u201D on in. 
When I got the package, I opened it up to find a really cool case. . . but not the one I thought I ordered. I looked back in my purchase history, because it would be very %u201Clike me%u201D to fall in love with a few cases and totally forget which one I ordered.
I emailed Rachel and let her know that I recieved the wrong order, and she wrote me back within 1/2 hour, apologized, and rush ordered my original case%u2013and I received it just a few days later.
I was very impressed with her customer service. And as an Etsy seller myself, who has made the mistake of sending the wrong order, she was apologetic and quick to correct the issue. So, on the simple fact that she%u2019s fantastic at customer service, I would recommend her to anyone.